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Certifying Organizations

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Assistant Professor of Public Law and Government
Professor of Public Law and Government


Certified Zoning Officials (CZOs) have mastered administrative skills in reviewing plans, inspecting sites, enforcing ordinances, and providing service to customers. Special attention will be given to the enforcement of the ordinances in the field. The Planning and Development Regulation course (see below) will serve as both a prerequisite to and a review of the skills and knowledge upon which the zoning official certification program examination will be based.

Certification Requirements

Applicants must complete the Planning and Development Regulation course, correctly answer at least 70 percent of the questions on the CZO exam, become a member of the North Carolina Association of Zoning Officials (NCAZO) and meet the minimum experience standard set forth by the NCAZO.

Required Courses

Certification Maintenance

Certified Zoning Officials must complete a minimum of eight hours of class time every two years, of which a minimum of one hour each should be on ethics. More information about certification maintenance requirements can be found on the NCAZO website.

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