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Certifying Organizations

Faculty Liaison

Albert Coates Distinguished Professor of Public Law and Government


The objectives of the North Carolina Association of Registers of Deeds (NCARD) certification program are as follows:

  1. To provide registers of deeds and their staff with a practical planned learning program.
  2. To establish a curriculum to enable registers of deeds and their staff to learn the basic requirements of office, as well as to obtain additional skills required for achieving professional goals.
  3. To introduce new ideas that will enhance effective performance in the register of deeds office.
  4. To provide opportunities for enhancement of professional development through attendance and involvement with NCARD.  
  5. To emphasize the importance of the office of register of deeds and the maintenance of high standards in the office.
  6. To provide recognition for the attainment of enhanced managerial and administrative skills through the completion of certification requirements by the awarding of a certificate of certification and pin.

Certification Requirements

The certification program is available to the voting members and their deputies and assistants in a North Carolina register of deeds office. To be certified, the person applying for certification must have been elected or appointed to the office of register of deeds or appointed as a deputy or assistant register of deeds.

To be initially certified, a register, deputy, or assistant must first serve two years in a register’s office, pass the School of Government’s Basic School for Registers of Deeds, and complete at least 25 hours of qualifying instruction including at least 10 hours of instruction in specified subjects within five years of the date of application for certification. 

Certification Maintenance

Once certified, a register of deeds must annually complete 10 hours of qualifying continuing education, and an assistant or deputy register must complete at least five hours of qualifying continuing education.

Additional Information

Additional details about the qualifying instructional programs and other requirements are available in the policy “North Carolina Association of Registers of Deeds Certification Program for Registers of Deeds, Assistants and Deputies,” from the Certification Committee of the North Carolina Association of Registers of Deeds. Questions about whether particular courses qualify for credit should be addressed to the committee.

For questions regarding School of Government programs for registers of deeds, assistants, and deputies, please contact Charmain Cale at for more information.